“L’élégance engagée”, M/B. stages the spring-summer Galeries Lafayette collection by Laetitia Ivanez

Galerie des Galeries


Founded in 2011 by Marine de Bouchony and Camille de Laurens, M/B. invests the Galerie des Galeries and takes an amused look at the spring-summer 2017 Galeries Lafayette collection signed by Laetitia Ivanez, its newly appointed artistic director in the fall.

With elegance and humour, M/B. puts in scene, in words, and in images the spirit of the line and the creative impulse given Laetitia Ivanez. Marine de Bouchony and Camille de Laurens filter the collection of their creativity and offer a playful route (between rope climbing, hanging clothes, and wild display) punctuated by pairs of words beginning with the letters M and B, around the cloakroom imagined by Laetitia Ivanez, a colourful proposal dedicated to modern, joyful, curious women. Allowing clothes to evolve in space, they thus offer an experience in the service of elegance to live until March 4.

“”Engaged elegance””, from February 10 to March 4 at the Galerie des Galeries.

Photos: Virgile Guinard
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