06.04.2022 Palazzo Litta, Milan #design

Elle Decor Italia explores outdoor design

The courtyard of Palazzo Litta in Milan becomes green thanks to Elle Decor Italia. Now in its second year, the “Elle Decor All’Aperto” project, which explores life en plein air in extraordinary urban contexts, is blooming in the courtyard of Palazzo Litta, set up by Studiopepe, for exhibition design, and Marco Bay, for landscape design. Nature and design come together in a place usually devoid of vegetation, in the heart of Milan, with different types of products, all related to this new lifestyle dimension: from furniture to lighting, from textiles to accessories. An event dedicated exclusively to outdoor and nature. During the days of the exhibition, from 7 to 10 April, it will be possible to admire the new design proposals for open-air furnishing. At the opening cocktails events to celebrate this new way of living the outdoor were present Lorenzo Bises, Rosalba Piccinni, Roberto Palomba, Valeria Shashenok, Eleonora Capurro, Luigi Giaretti and Andrea Risso.

Photos: Ludovica Arcero

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