“Homemade for the makers” is Elsa Muse’s credo. Known and recognized for her DIY fashion and lifestyle blog, she is also at the origin of Studio Mumuse which creates content (in stop-motion, in particular) for the biggest brands. Blogger with more than one string to her bow, she is part of this generation of go-getter who is not afraid to create. Latest project to date: launch its DIY box. Before being born, the project was the object of a crowdfunding campaign to finance the opening of a pop-up store where to come and discover the box, and a bit like an evidence, it is in the showroom of Made.com that this last one elected residence until November 5. After all, like Elsa Muse, Made.com was born out of digital and this desire to create new consumer experiences. This October 24 marked the opening of the pop-up store where Elsa Muse had invited friends and fans to live the DIY experience. Inside, it’s a bit like stepping inside the box. Blue, red and yellow are found from floor to ceiling and recall the three segments of the box: fashion, beauty and personal development. With a DJ set from Money Penny and the performance of an orchestra, the evening took place in a good-natured atmosphere and with a few hints of humour found in the masks bearing the effigy of Elsa Muse or the inscription on the edge of the box inviting its owner to “have fun”. Quite a program!

Photos: Pierre Mouton
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