08.03.2018 7 rue de Tolbiac 75013 #art

Emerige and the “Journey to the Center of the Earth”

“Voyage au centre de la Terre” (“Journey to the Center of the Earth”) is the name of the new exhibition presented by Emerige and Fonds de dotation Emerige. This is a title worthy of a novel by Barjavel, and a true expedition through the origins of the world. Eight young contemporary artists, including Eva Jospin, Romain Bernini and Jennyfer Grassi, created a multi-disciplinary aesthetic and poetic journey under the artistic direction of Jérôme Sans. And yet Laurent Dumas, president of Emerige, did not invite his guests within the walls of a gallery, but in old warehouses destined for demolition in the near future. This unique setting gives the exhibition an “underground” character that is almost unreal. In this walking tour, we followed the traces of the artists and their works, guided by their names inscribed on the rough walls in the manner of graffiti-signatures. Encountered in the meanders of this course, the faces of Blanca Li, Sarah Lavoine, Frédéric Bugada and Claudia Cargnel, and even the American designer Donna Karan. A look back at this aesthetic and ephemeral capsule.

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