When you are told “YMCA” difficult to think of anything other than Village People. Yet the acronym of the Young Men’s Christian Association (the equivalent of the Christian Union of Young People in France) is full of a story that one would not have suspected – in particular that of having given birth to the beginnings of basketball at the end of the 19th century. So when “Sprain”, a brand new magazine about basketball culture, invited us to its launch in the “oldest basketball court in the world” where it all started, our curiosity was piqued. It must be said that there was no more adequate than this jewel of history (remained in its juice since 1893) hidden behind one of the doors of the Rue de Trévise to present this new cultural object on basketball. Launched by Stéphane Peaucelle-Laurens and with a model signed by the Helmo studio, the 38cm high magazine offers another look at basketball by giving a voice to players and small clubs. The production of the evening entrusted to the agency L’Écurie, the crowd of guests did not hesitate to take the ball in hand on the field scenographed by Ronan Lecreuer to try a few baskets and discover the object to collect. With its launch, “Sprain” makes a remarkable entry into the game!

Photos: Pierre Mouton
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