21.03.2022 Camille Fournet, Paris #art

Équinoxes #6: When Fabrice Hyber meets Camille Fournet

The Équinoxes project has become a beautiful tradition: Twice a year, on September 21 and March 21, when the Earth regains its balance, the leather goods company Camille Fournet organizes joins forces with artists. This time around, it’s Fabrice Hyber’s turn to create works for the brand in his favorite color, electric green, which according to the artist “symbolizes renewal, pure energy, the birth of nature and the first growth of Spring.” This is the second time the French artist collaborates with the House: Twenty-five years ago, he created for the owners of Camille Fournet and great art lovers Françoise and Jean-Luc Déchery his iconic P.O.F*n-3 swing, which he sheathed in leather in the brand’s Picardy manufacture. To celebrate the launch of his capsule “hyberFournet” edited in very limited quantities, the artist gathered his closest friends Monday evening in the store of the brand Rue Cambon.

Photos : Jean Picon

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