A blue carpet was rolled out this Wednesday, in the courtyard of the University Paris-Descartes on rue de l’École de Médecine. Fashion addicts immediately recognize this particular blue: it is the signature color of Études Studio, the label created by Jérémie Égry, Aurélien Arbet and José Lamali in 2012. For their latest collection, “Études n°15,” the design trio paid tribute to New York artist Keith Haring, partnering with Keith Haring Studio. From the first look down the runway, the audience could instantly recognize Haring’s iconic silhouettes, printed here on a red suit. The star piece of the collection was an oversized red sweater with a three-eyed face laughing, the artist’s signature running along the sleeve. Backstage, Aurélien Arbet discussed the collection and its inspirations—from tailoring to the aesthetics of army uniforms—and the collaborations that gave it life…

Video : Leila Jensen / Say Who

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