Everyone at André’s table for the launch of The Bridge #2

Petite Amour


For the first time since its opening, the Petite Amour bar privatized the premises during a dinner orchestrated by its owner André Saraiva in honour of the publication of the second issue of The Bridge magazine. Guests Anna Cleveland, Camille Rowe, Bianca Li, Marlon Magnée and Mathieu César, all of André’s close friends, were able to browse through the newspaper, a vector of new talent ideas, over a good meal with Italian flavours. A heteroclite guest list: on one side of the table the models Carolyn Murphy and Alice Aufray, on the other the contemporary artists Luka Arbay and Théodore Fivel, without forgetting the founder of the magazine Johan Lindeberg, who all mixed in an intimate and good child atmosphere. After all, we don’t do manners to Little Love!

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