04.04.2022 Palais-Royal, Paris #art

Fabrice Hyber celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Homme de Bessines in Paris

It is, perhaps, the most striking artistic project of our time. Small anthropomorphic sculptures in fluorescent green, placed in water, Fabrice Hyber’s Homme de Bessines have been invading cities in France and abroad since 1991. For their 30th anniversary, thes magical art creatures have taken over the Palais-Royal fountain in Paris. To mark the anniversary of the Homme de Bessines, Fabrice Hyber invited his closest friends to the opening last Monday, where one could meet ORLAN, Cédric Grolet, Laurent Le Bon or Adrien Goetz, among other. The Homme de Bessines will remain in Paris until May 30 before traveling to Lille, and then, in October, to Marfa (Texas).

Photos: Thomas Smith


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