08.06.2022 MSGM Boutique, Milan #lifestyle

“FANTASTIC ME” : MSGM and ME Motorino Elettrico celebrate a new futuristic scooter

There is a new electric scooter in town, born from the collaboration between MSGM and ME Motorino Elettrico. “Fantastic Me” is not just a scooter but a piece of design, available either in neon yellow or pastel colors. It is also the first model in the world made from SMC, Sheet Moulding Compound, with a patented chassis. For the launch of this unique design object the two firms organized a cocktail party at MSGM store in Milan during Design Week. Friends of the Italian house Veronica Ferraro, Ginevra Mavilla, Ryan Prevedel and Andrea Faccio raised their glasses to the sustainable future of mobility. So never look back, it’s all ahead and it’s green.

Photos: Thomas Razzano

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