Laura Gauthier Petit is a name to remember. A Parisian having made her mark in London, descended from a line of creative women, she made a name for herself in 2015 with Fête Impériale, her couture label that irreverently mixes sumptuous styles inspired by the Belle-Epoque with a good dose of decadence from the 80s. “Anti-academic”, his universe gives prominence to the icons of their time and creates “the encounter between Liane de Pougy and Debbie Harry”. An explosive mix that did not go unnoticed on the Parisian fashion scene, so much so that the designer quickly surrounded herself with a circle of followers and friends who swear only by her approach that is both high-end and subversive. Thus, when she organized her very first show in the Ritz’s Salon d’Été to present her collection “La Narcisse”, it was hard to imagine missing the event. More than models, Laura Gauthier Petit invited girls with personality to walk for her. While they evolve between the tables where Danish designer Josephus Thimister and Ian Rogers, digital asset of the group LVMH, took place, it is the Fête Impériale girl who comes to life. A look back on an evening spent between laughter, luxury and voluptuousness.

Photos: Thomas Smith
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