Flea Market

Monnaie de Paris


It was on the occasion of Museum Night that Rob Pruitt, invited by the Monnaie de Paris, offered his Flea Market – “arty” flea market – thus giving life to Marcel Duchamp’s famous provocation “art is a product like beans. We buy art like we buy spaghetti”. 80 artists among whom Pierre Ardouvin, Neil Beloufa, Claude Closky, Daniel Firman, Camille Henrot, Fabrice Hyber, Benoît Maire, Orlan, Bruno Peinado, Lili reynaud-Dewar… answered present proposing at the same time original works, multiples but also a whole multitude of objects to hunt. In the middle of the happiest market in Paris, there was music too, with The Teeers and the burgers to fall from the Truck that smokes… a real pretty bazaar!

Photos: Paul Blind
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