Flesh Studios celebrates its birthdays

Rue d'Hauteville, Paris Xe


Founded in 2004 by the talented Alexandre Geindre, Flesh Studios has owned a’s’ studio since 2013, when it extends its field of possibilities to the image. Planted in the heart of the 10th arrondissement, it is above all a living story of young creative people (Emanuele Fontanesi and Alix Billois complete the permanent cast) working to create beauty and master its codes through technique.

Ten years of life for the first part’music’, which can boast of having collaborated with a myriad of great houses – whether it has put in sound their fashion shows or worked at the soundtracks of their campaigns, from Chloé to Shiseido, via H&M, Valentino, Hermès or even Pièce d’Anarchive and Cartier. In terms of image, the studio on rue d’Hauteville created in 2013 is firmly anchored in the small world of fashion by now offering its services to the most delicate style papers: NUMERO, Vogue, Purple, M le magazine du Monde…

Last July 2nd, while some bubbled quietly on the surrounding terraces, the n°19 was with fire and blood to blow out its 10 + 1 candles. Live that night: Hologram and Yan Wagner, followed by Virginie Muys, Inès Mélia and Dorian Grey. A line-up that says a lot about the established connections of the founder of the place, to which is added the live-performance of Turzi, from Record Makers, who officiated in the underlying studio. Some would even have forgotten their alarm clock, and we understand why. Heineken was part of it. HB, Flesh Studios!

Photos: Virgile Guinard
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