In 1932, Paul Valéry wrote in “Idée fixe : a dialogue by the sea”: “But what about the mind? It begins and ends at the fingertips”. Nearly a hundred years later, this quote has inspired a new exhibition presented by the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation as part of the twentieth anniversary celebration of the Liliane Bettencourt Prize “Pour l’intelligence de la main.” This concept by Laurent Le Bon and designed by the French artist Isabelle Cornaro has taken over the “Orbe New York” space at the Palais de Tokyo for a journey in four sequences: the “prelude” highlighting the hand, the ‘workshop’ plunging the visitor into the creativity process, the ‘big gallery’ thought of as an immersion into a unique set of art masterpieces (and presenting the various Prize winners), and the ‘constellation’, a set of digital slideshows illustrating the various commitments of the Foundation in favor of the Arts. During the morning launch, the Foundation’s guests were able to discover the exhibition alongside Emma Lavigne, director of the Palais de Tokyo, with a guided tour led by Laurent Le Bon before the inaugural cocktail party complete with a surprise for its guests: a vocal performance by the Accentus Chamber Choir in the last room of the exhibition…

Photos: Jean Picon
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