Francesca Napoli & Armelle Leturcq’ s’ Tout Première Fois’ (The First Time)

22 Visconti


From 16 to 31 October 2016, Francesca Napoli, independent exhibition curator and art historian, and Armelle Leturcq, co-founder of Blocnotes magazine and Crash magazine, will take part in the 22 Visconti exhibition” Tout Première Fois “, which brings together some forty international artists from all generations.

At the heart of this project is the “first time” theme, where artists present a work that has marked their career as an artist. Works from the beginning, works that have never left the artist’s studio, works of rupture or works in progress, created especially for the exhibition,”explains the exhibition’s curator,” each questioned the spark that animated them.

The choice of the 22 Visconti is not insignificant. Born from the initiative of Frank Perrin, this independent place is an intimate space in which the only rule is the substance,””one of those outer spaces that write the history of tomorrow. A pleasant and free place, outside of any frozen system, where there are no limits to the things we can imagine,”says Francesca Napoli.

By highlighting their own achievements or calling upon others, the invited artists have drawn a cartography of friendship, resonance and exchanges from which two main ideas emerge: the idea of going where no one goes, and showing what few have the pleasure of watching.

Photos: Jean Picon
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