If there is one architect who believes in synergies between architecture and contemporary art, it is undoubtedly Franklin Azzi. A strong believer in creating crossroads between disciplines, the world-renowned architect inaugurated his one-in-a-year exhibition this week. With “Décadence”, Azzi invited in his Rue d’Uzès home the young Thomas Havet (DOUBLE SEJOUR) to present his curatorial vision. The exhibition brings together 16 artists and 26 works in total, including three works that were never exhibited before as well as an in situ installation. Among the guests, Laurent Dumas, president of the Emerige (Azzi recently worked on the group’s Beaupassage project). A few weeks before FIAC, here is an exhibition that takes art out of the galleries and museums and opens up new ways to appreciate it. To discover until October 19.

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