Gala dinner of the 38th Deauville Festival


The beaches of Normandy experienced more splendid American landings than the opening night of the 38th Deauville Festival. If the hexagonal peoplerie didn’t make the lippe at the first movie date of the new school year, on the Hollywood side, it’s the zero pointed. The “one”, in fact, since Harvey Keitel “the fighter” was crowned with rose laurels, during a tribute paid to his indecent filmography. Scorsese, Tarantino, & co. In the meantime, we were subjected to the anesthetic soliloquy of the mayor of the city, Philippe Augier, and the picturesque arrival of the team of the film “Robot & Frank”, composed that evening of its only producer. Desolation, projection. Mention Bien for Jake Shreier’s first feature film, featuring Liv Taylor, Susan Sarandon, and the inescapable friendship between a robot and an old man with Alzheimer’s disease.

Ceremony closed, the reception room of the Barrière casino hosts the big gala dinner. We meet the jury, its president Sandrine Bonnaire whistling a cup of Moet in a sheath dress signed Sergio Rossi. The young glamour generation too, who this year will compose the Cartier Revelation Jury under the aegis of Frédéric Beigbeder: Ana Girardot, Félix Moati, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey and Mélanie Bernier. If some enjoy the lobster, others pass the entre-plat on the terrace of the floor, cigarette in the beak. Ariane Massenet is asked how the Matinale is going, implying how it is humanly possible to get up so early. We think she smokes a lot.

At the Villa Cartier, where the worldly high authorities have chosen to slum it without a penny, we prefer our suite of the Royal Barrière in which costumes and shirts are hung for the night. It’s four o’clock, our brotherhood of irreducible calls the room-sevice. The champagne will thus flow in waves, until the early morning, in the company of the sharpest feathers of the worldly sphere. B.B.

Photos: Virgile Guinard
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