27.03.2017 Galerie des Galeries #art

Galeries Lafayette present “Africa Now”

In this early spring, Galeries Lafayette is honouring the African continent by inviting artists and creators to invest the spaces of the department store. The “Africa Now” season begins with the exhibition “Le Jour qui vient” at the Galerie des Galeries by curator Marie-Ann Yemsi, which unveils a new generation of African artists, some of whom are exhibiting for the first time in France. Even before entering the premises, Lakin OgunBanwo’s photographs displayed in showcases announce all the dynamism of the artistic programme. Once inside, we are invited to look up to discover the intervention of the Malagasy artist Joël Andrianomearisoa, several series of flags spread under the famous dome of the department store. The visit continues upstairs with the exhibition at the Galerie des Galeries. Through Moffat Takadiwa’s eccentric sculptures, Frances Goodman’s feminist vision, and the works presented by the fifteen artists, the numerous guests were able to appreciate a multifaceted Africa, resolutely modern and far removed from the Western stereotypes often lent to the continent. The opportunity for everyone, from the artistic director of Galeries Lafayette Laetitia Ivanez to gallery owners Claudia Cargnel and Frédéric Bugada (among many others) to meet around the works or in front of the creations of designer Amah Ayivi, who have also invested Galeries Lafayette. A transversal and forward-looking programme, to be run until 25 June.

Photos: Virgile Guinard

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