Galleria Continua Evening in honour of its artists



Galleria Continua loves its artists and to show it to them x 1000, she took the 104 rue d’Aubervilliers for an evening. Among the sanctified artists we find: Kader Attia and Leandro Erlich (“Fruit de la Passion” at the Centre Pompidou), Loris Cecchini (“Sedute” at the jardin des Plantes), Gu Dexin (“September,2,2006” at the Centquatre), Carlos Garaicoa (“L’Optimiste” at the Moulin), Kendell Geers (“The Marriage of Heaven and Hell” at the Château de Blandy-les-Tours), Moataz Nasr (“I am Free” at the Centquatre), Michelangelo Pistoletto (“The Labyrinth” at the Centquatre), Pascale Marthine Tayou (“Open” at the Centquatre and the exhibition “Spheres” at the Moulin). A pleiade rewarded in small colourful loupiotes, small bites and beach chairs imported directly from Tuscany (?). It was a bit the dolce vita last Saturday, with our plump/bearded Lancien in control. Grazie Mille.

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