Eva Ionesco, Pierre & Gilles, Djemila and Farida Khelfa, Christian Louboutin… All children of the 80’s, a terrible and terribly mythified decade that saw the glory of the Palace and crazy evenings always in good company. An era captured, on film and in pencil, by Philippe Morillon. The one who contributed to the legendary Andy Warhol Interview, artistic director of the magazines Egoïste and Vogue, and who constitutes our dear Say Who Gallery (http://gallery.saywho.fr/fr/) with the sale of portraits of eight women from the 80s – among other formidable achievements – is now exhibited at the Galerie du Passage. Alongside Simon Bocanegra’s photographs, Philippe Morillon unveils a series of illustrations from 1974 to 1980, also assembled in a beautiful box of 100 copies. This week, the artist signed his work in Pierre Passebon’s gallery. Needless to say, the whole band mentioned above did not miss the event, as did Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. What makes the nostalgic all the more delightful is the presence of this new generation led by Lukas Ionesco who mixes, with innate ease, with the personalities who have defined a whole era. The’80s are obviously eternal.

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