Gerard Darel Cocktail

Boulevard Saint Germain


New shop, new muse, new collection: a trifecta combo for Gérard Darel, de facto in the worldly coercion of concocting a big cocktail of pre-fashion week in his germanopratine antenna. A space already very left bank which makes new skin for the return, history of. Very little fond of drum rolls and other ultra-calibre teasings, the house had already announced the arrival of Elisa Sednaoui as the new flagship of Parisian elegance. So she succeeds Charlotte Gainsbourg with a good head, less boyish, but more glam. Side sape, point of surprise: it is chic, it is wise, it is 2012. Sixth rules, in short.

That evening, we will meet an army of young actresses, more or less fleshy, a few heirs of the St Sulpice vintage, and the creative intelligentsia of the house, Marianne Romestain (CEO), and Camille Naïm (DC). The sculptural Piedmontese will make her entrance a few intants later in a black tuxedo, mutinous smile, on a tape her sewing of our dear Cécile Togni. There are the women, Patrick!

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