Get Together On Ice opening party

Grand Palais


Let’s be assured, there will be no planetary cataclysm this Friday and we will solve the magic equation””foie gras + châpon + truffles””, as usual… Santa Rasmus even made a monumental descent before time: an ice rink installed under the Nave of the Grand Palais. On the program: skates and an ultra festive line-up. Kick-off launched last Friday, under the magic wands of Greg Boust and Gulivert.

From 14/12/12 to 06/01/13 – Thursday, Friday and Saturday
(Exceptional opening on Tuesday 18/12)
From 7:30 pm to 2 am

Programming :

Friday 14/12: Greg Boust (TDA) / Gulivert (Catwash)
Saturday 15/12: KCPK / The Mekanism (Noir Music)
Tuesday 18/12: Seb Parraud / Melody (Witching Hours)
Friday 21/12: The Charm (TDA) / Elie Riachi (Cirque Paradis)
Saturday 22/12: Peter Pan (TDA) / David Reyner (Cirque Paradis)
Thursday 27/12: The Charm (TDA) / The Mekanism (Noir Music)
Friday 28/12: Polocorp (TDA) / Paul Castel (Cirque Paradis)
Saturday 29/12: Seb Parraud / Celine (Sundae)
Thursday 03/01: LeAM (TDA) / Na’Sayah (XXII)
Friday 04/01: LeAM (TDA) / Orgasmic (Sound Pellegrino)
Saturday 05/01: Polocorp / Ariel Wizman / The Mekanism

Photos: Valentin Le Cron
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