From July 4th to November 29th, the Giacometti Institute presents ‘Walking Man’, a new exhibition dedicated to the iconic work by Alberto Giacometti. While the Institute just reopened its doors after a mandatory pause, this exhibition can be considered as the symbol for a fresh start. ‘Walking Man’ grasps Giacometti’s legendary motif by exhibiting all of his human-size sculptures for the very first time at the Institute. This work is most certainly the most famous by the Swiss sculptor. The exhibition offers to re-discover its history, from its origins as a ‘walking woman’ in 1932 to the work’s evolution through the 60s. For the grand re-opening, the Fondation Giacometti director Catherine Grenier had invited friends and family for a moment of togetherness. Among the guests: Annette Messager, Christian Boltanski, Joana Preiss, Jean de Loisy or Michèle Lamy.

Photos: Jean Picon
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