The well-dressed crowd in front of the Maison de la Chimie eagerly awaited Y/Project’s Fall-Winter 2019 collection, which walked on Thursday, February 28th. Carine Roitfeld, Susie Bubble and Serge Ruffieux were in the front row; the soundtrack featured a Britney Spears remix of “My Prerogative” (“They say I’m crazy…”). The first looks set the tone for opulence: designer Glenn Martens embraces historical references, from the Middle Age to the Renaissance to the 1970s, brilliantly demonstrating his definition of modern elegance and sensuality. It was all about drama and great theatricality through his deconstructed, textured and architectural silhouettes that stood out with their intelligent provocation. There were massive necklaces, as if sculpted in frozen amber, and the Iranian-Dutch singer Sevdaliza made a surprise appearance in a long faux-leather and faux-fur dress. The highlight of the show was the XXL Tudor-inspired wedding dress in pearly silk, which led the crowd to give Glenn Martens a standing ovation.

Photos: Valentin le Cron
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