Gold Gold Gold Party

Suite l’Oréal


A Cannes festival without the L’Oréal muse would be a bit like Nespresso without Georges Clooney. This year, there are 21 of them, each more beautiful than the next. The suite where the stars eager for make-up advice crowd, programs for the very first time a terrace party on the roof of the Martinez. Several of the muses followed one another, from Diane Kruger to Elodie Bouchez, passing by Aimee Mullins. Jean-Paul Gaultier and Joshua Jackson stopped by for a drink, Air ambienced the 100 guests with a special set “French Riviera” and Nicolas Ullmann cheered himself up singing the inevitable 70s rock hits. In short, a glamorous evening, because Cannes is well worth it.

Photos: Virgile Guinard
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