Goodbye Halloween party

Pink Paradise


One sometimes wonders why some habits and customs leave their native constituency… Precisely, never short of ideas, the agency Sandra&co made the fuss of transatlantic folklore by organizing a non-Halloween in the Carmine boudoir of Pink Paradise.

Gone are the horrific clowns and other monstrosities of everyday life – which no longer wait for the evenings of pagan festivals to invade the suburbs and frighten people: Halloween 2014 will be chic in the alcoves or will not be. Just the time of a private dance on the soundtrack of Pauline Lefèvre, semillante blonde stamped Canal+, much smarter than Paris Hilton when it comes time to take the turntables. Talent does not wait for the number of years.

The Club recently reopened by Joanna and Muratt Atik has definitely not finished (re)making people talk about it. After the success of its inauguration, the team persists and signs with a 31 who had nothing to envy to New Sylvester. The sequel to the next episode.

36 Rue de Ponthieu, Paris VIII
01 58 36 19 20

Photos: Virgile Guinard
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