What better way for Grand Luxury Group, a staple in the field of luxury hotels and travel services, to celebrate their 10-year anniversary than with a hot-air balloon installed in the Ritz Paris’ gardens? For this special occasion, the Lartisien brothers, founders of the group, immersed their four hundred guests in the most exotic space inspired by the universe of Jules Verne. The scenographer Frédéric Fontan, founder of the Alfalibra agency, created a tropical atmosphere truer than life, on the theme of “Extraordinary Trips”. Among peacock feathers, multicolored butterflies, and calligraphies made on command by Nicolas Ouchenir, the guests (Noémie Lenoir, Camille Lacourt, or Blanca Li) spent a colorful evening. The highlight of the night was a performance by Elodie Frégé and her “boys” dressed in grooms: “Week-end à Rome”, “J’ai deux amours”… The travel tunes sung by Frégé were appropriate around the sublime hot-air balloon in the middle of the gardens of the Ritz. To top it all, a majestic cake prepared by the chef Nicolas Sale was cut as Rossy de Palma, the mistress of ceremony, joyfully led the crowd to the end of the night.

Photos: Thomas Deron & Laurent Zylberman

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