30.08.2016 Cathédrale américaine de Paris #media

Grazia celebrates its special issue Fashion

As every year, Grazia rang the bell for the start of the school year with the celebration of its special fashion issue, which brought together advertisers and faithful for the first evening of the school year, orchestrated by the Modern Agency.

A quarter that promises to be punk for the 40 years of the movement that the magazine has chosen to honour its September issue full of provoc’, British spirit and creative freedom. “From Chaos to Couture”, as suggested by the MET in 2013 with the great media return of the nail and the crest.

So who else but LA FEMME’s troublemakers to celebrate 40 years of artistic rebellion between the walls of the American cathedral in Paris, on the eve of the release of their second album? Maybe Arnaud Rebotini, also on the evening turntables. This same evening which meant to All Paris that he would not sleep any more before the winter truce.


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