13.10.2016 40 bvd Haussmann - Paris IX #art

Hans-Peter Feldmann shakes the Gallery of Galleries

From 14 October 2016 to 21 January 2017, the Galerie des Galeries invites Hans-Peter Feldmann, one of the most influential German artists of his generation. Born in 1941 in Düsseldorf, Hans-Peter Feldmann explores the mysteries of everyday life by collecting images and heterogeneous objects that he presents in series. The exhibition dedicated to him by the Galerie des Galeries is an opportunity to revisit a collection of works emblematic of his work.

If his work is considered conceptual, the work of Hans-Peter Feldmann remains extremely personal and sensitive. For almost 50 years, he has been channelling his emotions in his works. Playful, sentimental, voyeur, Hans-Peter Feldmann undresses our everyday life. Throughout the series, he speaks to us with his images of life, emotions, or even lacks and shows us the poetry of the ordinary.

Hans-Peter Feldmann is the author of a prolific body of work in which books play an important role, accumulating, collecting, archiving and compiling inventories. Images and objects are diverted, such as when he cuts out the heads of the protagonists in a photograph, redrawing the shadow of a teapot or adding a red clown’s nose to an 18th century portrait. He’s presenting a humorous selection of them today at Galerie des Galeries.

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