22.10.2012 La Générale #art

Hennessy x Futura party

If street art and its wall jokes were unquestionably the great absent of the FIAC 2012 edition, the improbable association Hennessy/Futura gave last Monday a big blow of bomb to the Fair and its manners. Not so improbable in fact, since home is a customary feauturing hype. Last year, she called on artist Kaws to revisit the label of her venerable amber nectar. Today, it pushes us a little more downtown with the spherical tags of Leonard McGurr, better known in the urban world under the pseudo Futura. Even cooler, the graffiti artist also signs a version for Colette, where one will be able to buy “Very Special Limited Edition”.

So to stay in the tone, the Cognac house launched this triangular collaboration at La Générale – large industrial warehouse in the heart of the 11th converted into an artists’ squat within a few years – by inviting the most media representatives of the urban way of life. Breakbot, Pedro Winter and Uncle O did the soundtrack, Futura the performance, Colette the team spirit, and Saywho the photos. Pshiiiiit

Photos: Jean Picon et Virgile Guinard


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