Hors-Concept presents R1-B1, robot-barman to serve you!

Cour du Marais


Who hasn’t had these social gatherings at the bar, anxious to attract the attention of a bartender taken by storm by the impatient Parisian jungle? A cure for this social evil, Hors Concept presented this Friday the mixologist of the future in the Cour du Marais, on the occasion of his quarterly evening marked on all agendas. Whether conservative spirits were reluctant to have their champagne glasses or long drinks served by an intelligent machine, the agency revealed R1-B1, the first robot-barman launched by Cédric Moindrot, founder of Traiteur du Marais – which also delighted the taste buds of guests during the evening. Fed with sci-fi influences to make our favorite Star Wars humanoids pale, R1-B1 can also be useful to avoid embarrassing discussions with “acquaintances” whose name escapes us thanks to its amazing ability to converse with guests while serving their order without putting a drop on the floor. Real attraction of the evening, R1-B1 would have almost made you forget the scenography signed Zing Installations and its futuristic atmosphere. After a few drinks well dosed by our friend automaton, all the guests met under the vaults of the club in the basement for a dancing evening until the early morning. Did R1-B1 join the party? It’s up to you to find out…

Photos: Valentin Le Cron
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