Maison Parisienne and Artcurial presented “Illusion, la métis et l’artifice,” an exhibition dedicated to Hubert Barrère, the artistic director of Maison Lesage. As part of a VIP tour Hors Les Murs for Revelation—the International Biennale of Art and Design Professions—ten creations were on view (through May 26) at the Hotel Dassault. Masterful embroiderer, artist and sculptor, Hubert Barrère’s exceptional savoir faire is inspired by Athena, the ancient Greek goddess overseeing artists and craftsmen. Hubert Barrère linked craftsmanship and contemporary creation: his objects create synergies between haute couture and sculpture in sequins, pearls, and feathers. He is the first artist to have been invited from Maison Parisienne to exhibit at Artcurial.

Photos: Pierre Mouton
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