Everybody has heard of ‘slow fashion’, but do you know what it really means? On October 1st, fashion brand ICICLE teamed up with Ushuaïa TV for ‘Next in green fashion’, a talk set up in their flagship on avenue George V. The event was designed as a preview of a new Ushuaïa TV documentary: ‘Mode, une soutenable légèreté de l’être’, broadcasted on the channel on October 3rd. The documentary shows the Ushuaïa TV team as they get to know the brand’s founders, Tao Xiaoma and Ye Shounzeng, their factories, their know-how and the common values of respect for Nature and Mankind. Invited around the table were notably Victoire Satto (co-founder of The Good Goods), Christine Oberdorff (chief magazine editor of Ushuaïa TV), Bénédicte Laloux (Artistic Director of ICICLE) and Julien Tuffery (CEO of Atelier Tuffery), and the conversation was moderated by Laurianne Melierre, a journalist and founder of Plume. Punctuated by excerpts from the documentary, the talk let speakers reflect on the definition of ‘slow’ or ‘soft fashion’, and asked the question of better consuming in today’s world. It was the first time that ICICLE opened its doors to the international press for this kind of event. 

Photos: Pierre Mouton
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