Inauguration of Arctic Room 51

Hôtel Les jardins du Marais - Paris XIe


Fresh and salutary wind on the aperitif : 51 continues to innovate and presents 51 glacial, an ultra-fresh anise made in Marseille which completes the range composed of the traditional 51 and a rosé version.

To support the launch and save Paris from the ravages of the heat wave, the new drink to be diluted arrives in the gardens of the Marais and proposes a new tasting experience at -10° : the Arctic Room 51, a frosted container-bar that you will have to visit well covered. NB: you will also find there a ground to devote you to the petanque.

If you are looking for it, your two ex machina is at 74, Amelot street on the terrace of the hotel”Les jardins du Marais”, and this until September 30th. That is all summer + part of the Indian. Thanks 51, huh!

Photos: Virgile Guinard
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