Inauguration of the Pact gallery

70 rue des Gravilliers - Paris IIIe


Last week, Le Marais inaugurated its new art gallery, PACT, acronym of its two dynamic founders, Pierre-Arnaud and Charlotte Trivini.

The reason why of this young contemporary address? To spread the talent of emerging artists not or little visible in France, whether or not they are already recognized abroad, but also and above all to propose a new way of conceiving an exhibition, by making it dialogue with a work of another artist having inspired it or through the intervention of a personality outside contemporary art in correlation with the theme.

For his first opus, PACT invited Italian-Venezuelan artist Manuel Scano Larrazàbal to install a mobile in the middle of a series of personal works influenced by the musical universe. Entitled’Pantomime’, the inaugural exhibition is conceived in dialogue with French choreographer and performer Benjamin Bertrand. Promising.

Pact Gallery
70 rue des Gravilliers – Paris III

Photos: Lilly Wood
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