Ines-Olympe Mercadal x Eram collection presentation

Musée des arts décoratifs


After collaborating with the designer Rodolphe Menudier, Eram entrusted Inès-Olympe Mercadal with the capsule collection for his A/H 2015/2016 season #InesOlympeMercadalxEram.

For the launch of this rich and non-conformist collection, the truculent designer has multiplied to infinity by adorning her models with her most visual attributes – an imposing headdress (bun?) and equally imposing frames signed Emmanuelle Khanh. Ines-Olympe Mercadal definitely does nothing like the others, and we love it.

Democratizing fashion by making it accessible, the shoe maker spearheaded it and today proposes a new declination in the air of the time. In the air of the Grand Siècle, rather, because for this collection Inès-Olympe was inspired by the”Reines de Paris”, those courtesans of the Ancien Régime and the Belle Époque who marked in their own way and forever the history of style and elegance made in France. Velvet burgundy, sensual leathers and brocades invite themselves on boots, pumps, pouches and boots, while we discover two unisex models (a pair of panties and another of creepers) + a pair of leathers that reaches the heights of sensuality.

Photos: Cédric Canezza
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