12.07.2018 Hôtel du Grand Veneur #media

Instagram celebrates summer with an IGTV Masterclass

The new feature launched by Instagram a few weeks ago, IGTV already has its fair share of aficionados. Gone is the frustration of only being able to post one-minute-long videos, gone is the square format. Today, you can now swipe from video to video to watch your Insta-TV. To celebrate this launch (and welcome summer as one should) Instagram organized a summer party as well as a masterclass led by Edouard Braud, Head of media partnerships for France and Southern Europe at Facebook. It was the perfect opportunity for all social media addicts to perfect their expertise in this area. The bravest of us could try to count how many followers all guests have combined, yet you could easily get dizzy! In the crowd, you could bump into Insta-Stars Fiona Zanetti (209K) and Tom Abihdana, to name but a few. From the event only, there’s no doubt Instagram is here to stay.

Photos: Pierre Mouton

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