After its much-awaited opening last June, Institut Giacometti is now granting their first carte blanche to a contemporary artist. A privilege given to the French artist Annette Messager. For this first invitation, the artist went to draw on Giacometti’s work and life to bring back “treasures as rich as diverse” that inspires “Nos chambres”, an exhibition-dialogue curated by Christian Alandete. More of an exhibition partner than a source of inspiration, Giacometti becomes for Messager the interlocutor with whom she imagines rooms where Giacometti’s works respond to her own. The exhibition being the first of this kind for the Institut Giacometti (which is chaired by Catherine Grenier), it was no surprise to meet some of the biggest names in art at the opening, such as Agnès Varda, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Laurent Grasso, Christian Boltanski or Agnès b. Until 13 January 2019.

Photos: Valentin Le Cron
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