J.M. Weston has taken a big step forward into the world of upcycling with the new Weston Vintage. To celebrate, the brand hosted a series of performances by its artistic, image ad culture director Olivier Saillard throughout Men’s Fashion week. Weston Vintage allows customers to send in shoes they no longer wear to the brand who will restore them in a workshop in Limoges, France before giving them a second chance for retail happiness in stores.  The secondhand offer is available at three J.M. Weston boutiques in France and Japan including the brand’s Champs-Elysées flagship and rue Saint-Honoré boutique. The “D’un Pas, L’Autre” soulful and sole-full performances featured models wearing vintage shoes from the collection as Saillard recited poetry against a piano soundtrack. Guests discovering the sustainable collection included Celine Sallette, Vincent Elbaz, Nicolas Maury, and more, proving that sustainable fashion and style truly never gets old. www.jmweston.com/weston-vintage

Photos: Valentin Le Cron
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