For its fifth anniversary, Solovière changed its name—or, rather, enriched it. When designer Alexia Aubert created her timeless footwear brand, she was inspired by the style of her grandfather, Jacques. As a tribute, Solovière has become Jacques Solovière. The label has a new logo designed by calligrapher—and friend—Nicolas Ouchenir. The brand has remade itself over the past five years, but its style continues to appeal to many generations and to use soft materials with impeccable ‘Made in Italy’ craftsmanship. New models will be unveiled in the spring; in the meantime, Alexia Aubert brought friends and journalists to Nicolas Ouchenir’s workshop to immerse themselves in the brand’s universe. Amidst the drawings and calligraphies of the Parisian atelier were Germain Louvet, Sarah Andelman, Yiqing Yin, Etienne Derœux and Dan Sablon, who all helped Alexia blow out her candles.

Photos: Jean Picon
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