JAIN feet in the water at Villa Molitor

Villa Molitor


Last week, Villa Molitor reopened its doors with programming by Sony Music Entertainment. Agar Agar had launched the festivities with a sunny DJ set on the terrace overlooking the pool. This was followed by the performances of Cracki Soundsystem, Papooz and Fishbach, which were also on stage at the Yoyo for the ninth edition of the Creative Live Session. A good start to the first week that a fortnight concocted for the VIP members of Villa Molitor. This Tuesday, however, it was JAIN who offered the highlight of the season with a fiery live performance by the poolside – one would even say with his feet in the water – as close as possible to his audience. With his watch designed in collaboration with Swatch on his wrist (remember his concert at the Théâtre du Renard for its limited edition launch), JAIN moved the compact crowd of guests without there being any fall into the water. An accomplished artist, JAIN left her mark on the stairs of the roof terrace with a tag bearing the effigy of Zanaka, her sensation album. While the sun is slow to set on Villa Molitor, we also saw a bunch of phones turned towards the stage to immortalize this pure moment of sharing.

Photos: Cédric Canezza
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