A few weeks before the FIAC, Jean-Michel Othoniel is taking over the Petit Palais in Paris. With the support of Galerie Perrotin, the French artist presents ‘Le Théorème de Narcisse’, his biggest solo show since ‘My Way’ at the Centre Pompidou in 2011. The exhibition begins on the steps of the Petit Palais, where Othoniel’s ‘Rivers’ of blue bricks flow like an invitation to dive in. Inside, his emblematic works (‘Precious Stonewall’, ‘Colliers d’or’) are integrated into the architecture and redefine the spaces of the Parisian monument. Scattered in every corner of the museum, the artist’s works blend with the vegetation of the gardens, and his ‘Lotus’ series springs from the water, reflecting their gold shine on the surface of the water. Othoniel reinvents the myth of Narcissus who, instead of drowning in his own reflection, allows visitors to open their eyes to the world around him… The exhibition is organized with the support of Christian Dior Parfums as part of the ‘Jardins Culturels’ initiative

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