Jeff Koons and Bernardaud, the art of porcelain

Boutique Bernardaud, Rue Royale


Jeff Koons and Bernardaud are not at their first try. The American artist and the French porcelain house met years ago around their love of this delicate material. Bernardaud’s art lovers had already been able to afford reproductions of the artist’s works on limited edition plates and cups. In the image of his “Banality Series” or his inescapable “Balloon Dog”, representative of the incomparable aesthetics of Jeff Koons who made him the most appreciated contemporary artist of his time. This week, Michel Bernardaud unveiled their newest collaboration around his trio of sculptures from the “Celebration” series: “Balloon Swan (yellow)”, “Balloon Monkey (blue)”, and “Balloon Rabbit (red)” in the boutique rue Royale in the presence of the artist. Limited edition reproductions that came to discover Bernardaud’s VIP clients and influential art personalities like Jérôme and Emmanuelle de Noirmont (founders of the Noirmontartproduction agency) while the artist offered his followers a rare American signing session.

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