Great evening for JONAK in the heart of Parisian fashion week, the brand unveiled its capsule collection imagined with Sara Escudero, founder of the blog Collage Vintage (and of the Instagram account which dangerously approaches a million subscribers!). At the Hôtel National des Arts et Métiers, the 33-year-old it-girl from Madrid celebrated the launch of her eight-model capsule in an outing with her friends. A few hours earlier, we saw her all smiles on Instagram for the announcement of her collaboration – her “Ocho” boots on her feet. With a DJ set of Piu Piu, Marine Neuilly (La Chatte de Françoise), and a live of Pépite, the occasion was perfect to wear out your shoes on the dance floor, leaving a place of choice in our wardrobes to the new models of JONAK available from October 26th…

Photos: Valentin Le Cron
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