Juergen Teller is without a doubt one of the most emblematic photographers of his generation – and of our time. He whose practice transcends the fashion and art industries has, over the years, developed a unique photographic identity whose spontaneity seems to be the first pillar. So one is hardly surprised at the title of her new exhibition at the Suzanne Tarasieve Gallery, “Leg, snails and peaches” – which corresponds to a series of 2017. Juergen Teller is the complete opposite of these photographers who fade behind their lens (he does not hesitate to stage himself, naked, on one of the exhibition’s flagship clichés). His proximity to his high-flying guests, who had all attended this week’s opening, bears witness to this. From Catherine Deneuve to Léa Seydoux, Kristin Scott Thomas and Charlotte Rampling, no one would have missed the appointment, which quickly became a family celebration. Charlotte Rampling can be found on one of the thirty photographs in the exhibition, just like Béatrice Dalle kissing the bark of a tree. As Éric Troncy writes in the text accompanying the exhibition, Teller’s work represents a celebration of life. It was only logical then that the opening evening should end in a good mood… and even standing on the tables !

“Leg, snails and peaches” from January 13 to March 3, 2018, Suzanne Tarasieve Gallery

Photos: Julien Weber
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