04.06.2018 Galerie Kamel Mennour, Paris #art

Kamel Mennour presents Anish Kapoor’s “Another (M)other”

Kamel Mennour dedicating an exhibition to Anish Kapoor is sure to be a great event. Last night, the gallery inaugurated “Another (M)other”, a new solo show featuring a series of recent works by the British artist. Kamel Mennour was able to count on the presence of great names such as Daniel Buren, Lee Ufan, and Douglas Gordon. While some people may think exhibitions openings are more on the uptight side of the spectrum, it is at Kamel Mennour’s quite the opposite. In fact, the first people to contribute to this easy-going atmosphere are these aforementioned art icons, and it’s refreshing. Still, it does not prevent them from looking through the exhibition with their expert eye. Anish Kapoor reveals in the gallery’s double space (both at 47 rue Saint-André des Arts and 6, rue du Pont de Lodi) a dimension of his art the public has rarely had the opportunity to see. One thinks in particular of two oil paintings on canvas, or more generally of the evolution of his geometric forms into more physical works that depict a clear eroticism. After the opening, Kamel Mennour’s guests all headed to Pavillon Ledoyen where they were welcomed by chef Yannick Alléno for a an intimate dinner between friends…

Photos: Valentin Le Cron

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