Kenzo summer BBQ in honour of Gregg Araki

Jardin d'acclimatation


Full of subcultural debris, up-and-coming celebrities, has-been actors, B-series cameos, as well as religion, aliens, South Calfornian slang and abundant sex scenes, Gregg Araki’s”teen Apocalypse Trilogy” is a psychedelic grunge of the 1990s. His films seem to navigate all that this pre-Internet era offered the coolest.

Carol Lim and Humberto Leon have commissioned the indie director to make a nostalgic journey for KENZO in the desert of adolescence that he illustrates wonderfully. The result? Here Now’, a kind of return to the Nowhere universe in 1997. All the costumes are part of the Kenzo men’s and women’s autumn 2015 collections, and have been stylized to highlight the characters and narrative structure of Araki’s short film – not to reduce the project to a simple clothing ad. All the symbols are there, for our greatest joy: the adolescent caricature rebellion, anxiety, sexuality, a nun and also a song Shoegaze.

To launch this UFO worthy of a fashion film festival in the heart of nature, the designer duo hosted their summer BBQ at the Jardin d’acclimatation, with Peroni beers and Belvedere vodka cocktails. An ode to creation, fun, green and braised.

Photos: Valentin Le Cron
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