In the late 1970s, the Bazooka artists’ collective (Olivia Clavel, Lulu Larsen, Kiki Picasso, Loulou Picasso, T5 and Bernard Vidal) shifted codes with their graphic vision and protests published in the French paper Libération. In the context of the punk years, they published their images in the press and rose to the rank of icons. While their collective work has been the subject of exhibitions in France and Europe, the Emerige Endowment Fund is showcasing the personal work of Kiki Picasso (real name: Christian Chapiron) as part of an original exhibition in his former offices at the Beaubrun Hotel. “Kiki Picasso’s masterpieces2” is an exhibition designed by Eric de Chassey, immersing viewers in the counter-culture of the 1970s, of which Kiki Picasso was a leading figure. The scope of the work remains challenging and relevant today.

Photos: Michael Huard
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