Kitsune x Shu Uemura House Cocktail

Boutique Maison Kitsune


For its 2015 birthday collection, Maison Kitsuné enters the world of beauty with an exclusive collection for shu uemura.

The brand combines its irresistible taste for mixing different styles with shu uemura to create a”beauty remix” collection, composed of emblematic elements from the East and the West seen from a new angle: a dress and a kimono, a beret and a straw hat, a croissant and a manjû, a fleur de lys and a plum blossom, a coffee and a green tea redefine the culture by breathing a timeless beauty and a contemporary chic spirit.

A series of ultra-stylized symbols that punctuate shu uemura’s essentials: make-up, briefcase, foundation, false eyelashes, palettes… With Heather Boo as muse to wear high the colors of Franco-Japanese friendship.

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