22.11.2016 Hotel Particulier Montmartre #art

The Wonderful Forest of Sungyeon Lee

To celebrate the cold season and its enchanting charm, Sung Lee takes us on the second leg of his imaginary journey by choosing the secret lair of the Hotel Particulier Montmartre as part of the Month Individual. A new series of watercolour drawings that bring to light animals and women in their simplest appearances through scenes as funny as they are touching. 32 year old Korean artist, faithful to her first exhibition, urges us to rethink with kindness the bonds that bind man to the animal kingdom by plunging us into a fantastic world that invites us to daydream. The soul of the forest resonates from all sides: beavers, owls, slugs, parrots, cats, wild boars, raccoons respond in turn and interact with the characters, between onirism and poetry.” Pauline Weber

Photos: Julien Weber


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